Ghosthunter Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society

If a full investigation is needed, the team sets up equipment and conducts experiments to try to explain some of the experiences or occurrences, he said. Sometimes surveillance equipment is used for longer periods of time. “That night we ended up having a lot of shadow play and there is no lighting in the house,” Haney said. “We had several investigators who felt like they were being led through the maze to that particular area, which was very interesting.” The MFPS celebrates 11 years, said founder and lead investigator Eric Haney.

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. Starting in 2007, Jason and Grant began releasing a series of books related to their work and experiences in the paranormal as well as several fiction books.

The group was originally run out of Jason’s basement, and at that time consisted only of Jason and Grant. They pioneered investigative techniques that many other paranormal investigators use. In 2003 they were approached by Pilgrim Films and taped ten episodes of “Ghost Hunters” for the Sci Fi channel.

Travel back in time to Victorian London, where the government is denying an invasion of phantoms. In your quest to expose the truth and banish evil spirits from the city, you’ll need to find hidden objects, tackle puzzling adventures and complete quests. Perfect for intermediate eye gaze communicators, this hidden object game works on select Tobii Dynavox devices and can be played with Windows Control, Computer Control and other software. AmongDenver’s haunted hot spots are theBrown Palace Hotel, which offers aghost tourto private groups, and theMolly Brown House, where light bulbs unscrew themselves and the door from the dining room to the kitchen opens and closes on its own.

A.P.E.X. Events kicked off its Spring 2021 season by delving into the paranormal with the locally-based Southern Utah Paranormal Society on January 21, 2021. Founded by Kevin Olson and Joshua Stewart, Southern Utah Paranormal provides free paranormal investigations to the residents of Southern Utah. The unique selection of members and contributors brings a variety of experience to the field and to solving paranormal mysteries.

Investigations are offered to potentially provide answers concerning the activity surrounding the home or business. However, an assessment of the situation will be reviewed carefully and methods to try may be offered first prior to offering an investigation. We may need to visit a home to observe a location or talk to residents. In other cases, we’ll view video footage or analyze a photograph and offer comments and advice. If you simply need us to listen to your story, we are happy to oblige. The best evidence in a case correlates three things – visual evidence, audio evidence and instrumental readings, Haney said.

ABOUT is the online directory of paranormal groups. Paranormal investigators can list their teams and services for free. Individuals looking for help with potential paranormal activity can contact local teams, or complete our Haunting Assistance Request Form. The group also shared with the audience audio clips that they had captured (with permission from the location’s owner, of course) and pointed out faint whispers and sounds that were picked up by recording equipment.

The information contained on student organization webpages was submitted by each student organization during the student organization registration process. Student organizations must follow university policies and procedures including requirements for membership, participation and general activities. The goal of KSUPS is to collect evidence for analysis and discussion of paranormal phenomena , to discuss our opinions on said phenomena, and to review related media.

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