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He aims to debunk activity and separate real and unexplained paranormal activities, from what may be imaginary. “There are times we get to them when they’re crying or when they’re angry,” he said of the paranormal activity. In his experiences with the SCPS, Cameron, a student, said he wants to help the clients and the spirits find closure. In 2008, Talley founded the Space Coast Paranormal Society with the intent to debunk or explain the paranormal activity as well as rule out natural causes. Please fill out our Haunting Assistance Contact Form by clicking here, and we will do our best to connect you with a local paranormal team that can help.

Along with discussing some well-known buildings in town that are said to have paranormal activity , Dr. Vartan also asked the trio many questions about their craft along with a Q&A session from the audience. In 2006, a website called “SAPS” (“Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society”) conducted an investigation into the status and legitimacy of the TAPS non-profit status. In several places on their website it stated that they were non-profit and did investigations free of charge, however did accept donations and held a raffle to win various branded merchandise. The site claimed that repeated attempts to clarify the subject was met with negative responses. It broadened its investigation by searching for its status both federally and at the state level and found no evidence that they were a registered non-profit organization. They also found that the raffle was in violation of the state’s gambling laws as it allowed those that could be under the age of 18 to participate.

In short I’ve only tried for an hour or so, and I’m not going to strain my eyes anymore. In this font size displayed on my iPad, with my good current glasses, and in strong light, I have trouble making out The text labels of the various segments related to settings and achievements and so forth. Which tells me that millennials and Gen Xers may enjoy the hell out of it, But The over 50 crowd, unless you’ve got a game console that’s a 27 inch screen or bigger, you won’t be able to play the game.

Watch this video demo of Paranormal Society from the player’s perspective, recorded by Victor, our in-house expert accessible gamer, while using Windows Control with his Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus. After a night of paranormal investigation, the group analyzes footage and recordings and discuss their findings. “That place is really spooky and almost every time we go there, we get evidence of some sort of paranormal anomaly,” Shear said.

The 31-year-old ship captain, who spends half the year at sea, grew up in Hawaii listening to ghost stories “like you wouldn’t believe,” he said. “Hawaii is a very spiritual place. They believe in the legends and spirits. Fellow member Ben Cameron recalls “feeling” spirits around him when he was younger.

“The science involved in this is not a guaranteed science,” Haney said. “We can’t offer a service, charge for it and fix the problem This is research.” “A lot of people who have worked at the Haunted House have experienced him,” Haney said. Haney said they have investigated the Hudson Haunted House three times. The MFPS is a research and scientific group that tries to duplicate the event, researching the stories and people involved.

Any attempts to find out more about this mysterious woman have been fruitless — she vanishes into thin air when visitors approach. While wandering the cemetary after dark is considered trespassing, theGilpin County Historical Societyleads Creepy Crawls around the city’s ghostiest sites each October. Members of our team actively support the McReavy House Restoration Project and the town of Port Gamble. If you wish to support these organizations as well please contact us at

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