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If a full investigation is needed, the team sets up equipment and conducts experiments to try to explain some of the experiences or occurrences, he said. Sometimes surveillance equipment is used for longer periods of time. “That night we ended up having a lot of shadow play and there is no lighting in the house,” Haney said. “We had several investigators who felt like they were being led through the maze to that particular area, which was very interesting.” The MFPS celebrates 11 years, said founder and lead investigator Eric Haney.

The 31-year-old ship captain, who spends half the year at sea, grew up in Hawaii listening to ghost stories “like you wouldn’t believe,” he said. “Hawaii is a very spiritual place. They believe in the legends and spirits. Fellow member Ben Cameron recalls “feeling” spirits around him when he was younger.

They have since changed non-profit to “free volunteer organization” to clear up any misconceptions and have been working on filing for the appropriate status but claim that it is very difficult for a paranormal group to do in Rhode Island. • Join a Ghostly Tales tour in Breck to learn about the town’s creepy past, including the historic Brown Hotel & Restaurant’s resident ghost — Miss Whitney. If the idea of exploring Colorado’s haunted places by yourself leaves you cold, check out one of the many group tours offered throughout the state. Get into the spirit of Halloween at some of the following eerie spots — you’ll certainly get goosebumps, and, who knows, you may even scare up a specter or two. While there’s closure for Woods, Talley will never know about that spirit that haunted him when he was 7.

“The science involved in this is not a guaranteed science,” Haney said. “We can’t offer a service, charge for it and fix the problem This is research.” “A lot of people who have worked at the Haunted House have experienced him,” Haney said. Haney said they have investigated the Hudson Haunted House three times. The MFPS is a research and scientific group that tries to duplicate the event, researching the stories and people involved.

The information contained on student organization webpages was submitted by each student organization during the student organization registration process. Student organizations must follow university policies and procedures including requirements for membership, participation and general activities. The goal of KSUPS is to collect evidence for analysis and discussion of paranormal phenomena , to discuss our opinions on said phenomena, and to review related media.

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. Starting in 2007, Jason and Grant began releasing a series of books related to their work and experiences in the paranormal as well as several fiction books.

He aims to debunk activity and separate real and unexplained paranormal activities, from what may be imaginary. “There are times we get to them when they’re crying or when they’re angry,” he said of the paranormal activity. In his experiences with the SCPS, Cameron, a student, said he wants to help the clients and the spirits find closure. In 2008, Talley founded the Space Coast Paranormal Society with the intent to debunk or explain the paranormal activity as well as rule out natural causes. Please fill out our Haunting Assistance Contact Form by clicking here, and we will do our best to connect you with a local paranormal team that can help.

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