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Pine Street Capital Partners provides mezzanine capital to small and medium-sized private and public companies. PSCP will consider investments from $3 to $10 million in companies generating at least $10 million of sales. Target sectors include manufacturing, business services, consumer products, healthcare and media.

Between funding for new contracts, and payable challenges, government contracting can be stressful — unless you have workable financial solutions. Our partnership with the SBA pairs flexible, government-backed financing solutions with our consultative approach. A subsidiary health insurance provider with more than 350,000 members in a 35-county region in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa.

This is done so that the property taxpayer pays his or her fair share of the cost of local government, in proportion to the amount of money the property is worth, on a yearly basis rather than every five years. The Assessors’ Office is responsible for the administration of all laws and regulations regarding property tax assessment. The Assessors, as required by Chapters 59, 60A, 61, 61B, 121A of the Massachusetts General Laws and various Acts of the Legislature, perform the appraisal of approximately 8,000 parcels of property. Sometimes your assessed value increased/decreased when you did not do anything to the property and you are not selling the property. The assessed value represents the estimate of market value of the property. PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets.

Vision Government Solutions recently sent property owners a letter and was to enclose a return envelope. This correspondence is part of the revaluation process taking place with our Assessing Office and should be opened and reviewed. When typing in this field, a list of search results will appear and be automatically updated as you type. Join us for the next session of Vision’s Digital Future of Assessing web series to learn how the City of Salem, VA streamlined and optimized their data collection strategy.

The tax rates are then finalized to raise the needed dollars to pay for the services that the Town voted to approve. The Assessors office administers this critical element of the towns finances. Wazee Electric is a provider of motor, generator, wind and industrial crane services to diverse end markets including oil and gas, wind, agriculture, material handling and construction.

A 111-bed comprehensive pediatric medical and surgical center with pediatric and neonatal surgical intensive care units, Level I pediatric trauma unit, verified Burn Center and a pediatric hybrid catheterization/angiography suite. Over the years, they have achieved numerous breakthroughs in medicine and health care. Their discoveries have helped extend the lives of people throughout the nation and the world.

A discount only program offered only through participating private practice providers. A Dental Health Maintenance Organization or Managed Care, covers in-network providers only, and you must choose a primary care dentist for all services. This preferred dental program is the same as PDP, but with a larger group of in-network dentists/specialists to choose from. The object of the valuation program is to estimate “full and fair cash value” as of January 1 (known as the “assessment date”) prior to the fiscal year. For example, the assessment date for Fiscal Year 2021 is January 1, 2020.

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