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Always check guidelines for details and restrictions. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, see our glossary. So according to Muck the “only good Injun” is one who bows down to the god and religion of his immensely superior white masters. Muck is sure to become the Poet Laureate of the KKK, unless Salemi beats him to it.

Look at the weighty responsibilities that he was shouldering, day and night, since he had to look after the health and welfare of so many people, and decide what was in the best interests of society as a whole! Under so much stress, surely he can be forgiven if he lost his temper now and then. Oh, and please let’s hear some more about how prejudicial–dare we say racist?

It is in the songs on the radio, in our national anthems, and in the fight songs of our favorite sports teams; it pervades our literature, our history, and our culture. But, despite poetry’s abundance, poetry that is both new and good is hard to find now, more than ever. Such good, new poetry carries a message infused with the profound insights and lofty character of the poet. It touches on humanity’s quintessential quest for virtue over vice, epic over ephemeral, and beauty over baseness.

There is more—a LOT more—but believe me, you don’t want to read it. Dusty Grein is best taken in very small doses, if at all. But what about the crime of publishing this trainwreck? I only wish I could be there to hear Ms. Hayden’s guffaws and chortles when she reads Grein’s poem. If she’s drinking anything at the time, I suspect it will be expelled violently through her nostrils.

Muck’s breathless press release tells us that his book contains “major poetry by a major poet” and that he is “one of the foremost sonneteers in the world.” (Again like Shakespeare!) Who has made such extravagant claims for Muck? Another Society mainstay, James Sale, a “Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.” (What, no peerage?) As I pointed out in my review ofThe Keystone Scops, extravagant claims have also been made for Mr. Sale. “The Society of Classical Poets” is a non-profit organization that publishes works on classical poetry, classical arts, and classical culture in general. It is the largest organization in the world dedicated to publishing classical style English-language poetry. Poetry is an art form in which human language is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to, or instead of, its notional and semantic content. Poetry writing is also a desire for plenty of writers.

The Society of Classical Poets is reviving poetry with rhyme, meter, and good character. Since the Society was founded in 2012, we have grown from a blog with weekly posts to a major non-profit organization publishing the highest quality poetry, as well as insightful essays, educational resources, and the most exquisite art. You could publish it anywhere else or sell it to any publication as desired. The first step in publishing is to have it published on the Society’s homepage and we will check with you first to confirm if we have your permission to do so. Alternatively, when submitting you may add a note stating “do not publish if not a winner.” If your poem places in the competition it may be published by the Society during or before the month of February (you do not have the choice of non-publication without losing your place).

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